Tuesday, January 31, 2012

My Little Violin

One of the things I find to be perpetually a larger problem in the educated society of middle class worker bees is their ability to find criticism in others when they themselves are not exempt from the very rules in which they bestow their criticism.

I like to call these people pseudo crusaders for lack of descriptions.

Pseudo crusaders can be seen typically when they find something that they consider to be a snob or a high class statement wherein the person of interest expresses some aspect of their lives that are not up to their expectation for whatever reason and suddenly, they are a high nosed, unappreciative, first world brat who can't care less about the orphans in Nigeria.

I'm still curious as to how these pseudo crusaders are helping the orphans of Nigeria.

It seems like no matter how big or small the issue, when one musters up a complaint, the pseudo crusaders are at once in gathering to express public dissent of how the statement profoundly exemplifies the state of society and how the maker cannot possibly have any other reason to complain than that they have too much good stuff that needs to be shared with the rest of the world.

It seems to matter little that there are many reasons why someone would complain. It doesn't matter that a person complaining of a bonus shortage could be facing $50,000 of debt, or typically use their bonus to pay their property taxes for which they would otherwise not be able to do so and would owe or become evicted from their own home. Perhaps the person would complain of having to sit in front of a computer all day, when they have a debilitating back condition which causes them excessive pain and damage to their joints; perhaps the complainer finds a hole in their shirt but the shirt was somewhat of a family heirloom passed down from a parent who has already passed away. All of the above would be subject to the pseudo crusaders attack that they're high society jerks and need to complain less.


I feel that generally speaking, human beings have every right to address those things which are unexpected to them whether it would be something as lavish as a bonus or a car, or even their favorite flavor of ice cream every Sunday suddenly gets axed from the list and hence from their regular routine. It does not make a person unappreciative of those things, simply that they were shocked things were different. Anyone would be in any situation, it doesn't mean the whole world is full of brats who can care less about anywhere else in the world where suffering is the norm.

Next time you're about to play your little violin for someone, or someone plays it for you. Think about it for a second. Does it really warrant that reaction?

Friday, January 27, 2012

Funniest Travel Story ... Amsterdam

Arriving in Amsterdam on the first day, we were unaware much of Amsterdam, in fact all of it, spoke fluent English. We were stuck on a train not understanding their tram system, got lost for over an hour and a half after paying 12 euros each for a trip into central Amsterdam. Eventually I spotted a train headed for "Station Centraal" and insisted we go there. After losing a wheel on my luggage while dragging it through Central Station at least 8 times, I finally ended up with 2 beautiful RFID cards for 7.50 euro each to board the tram which would take us to the hotel. Evidently, the 7.50 euro turned out to be a fee for the card which would last five years and there was no inherent value on the card until you add additional funds.

Frustrated, we eventually made it to the hotel by buying a one time pass thanks to some nice advice from a local who saw hopelessness in our eyes. We were then directed to the office for these pretty cards and when asked who gave them to us, we explained that we were tourists and bought them, the clerk smiled politely and said... well they're nice cards!

Now we can return to Amsterdam anytime in the next 5 years and still use the public transit!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Sunday, January 8, 2012

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Thursday, January 5, 2012